About Us

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County is a private, non-profit agency founded in 1979 whose mission is to assist families as they experience the impacts of conflict and family violence and to provide understanding and consultation for the community at large.

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County provides comprehensive services to families through a variety of programs including emergency safe shelter for victims fleeing domestic violence, intensive individualized case management services, family psychotherapy, victim advocacy services, educational and skills groups, parenting groups, perpetrator intervention groups and a crisis hotline. These programs help promote safety for all members of the family and assist families in developing the capacity to move forward in lives less prone to conflict and violence.  The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County believes that every family wants to live in a way that supports and sustains the growth and development of all of its members.  As the family begins to interrupt patterns in their relationship system and develop and enhance their capacity to respond flexibility to the challenges they face they will be able to move forward in lives in ways that are free from violence.  If any one person in the family unit can begin this work, the whole family system will begin to function differently.  Our work is about stopping the violence AND helping families grow capacity.  

We believe that the foundation of providing assistance is the equal relationship between staff and clients seeking services.

We believe that each client has the internal resources and capacity to find solutions to their own problems in relationship to a service provider of the Family Crisis Center.

We believe that as people are able to become less emotionally reactive and more thoughtful, they will increasingly become more able to manage their personal lives.


Our History

Forty years ago, a caring group of people from the Dundalk Church of the Brethren sought to assist teenagers who were struggling to stay in school and behave appropriately.  In working with the teens the helpers learned that most of the youth came from families experiencing high levels of conflict and family violence.  Utilizing the revolutionary thinking of Bowen family systems theory, staff intentionally worked to engage the whole family.  The belief was that families could interrupt patterns of intense conflict and violence, develop new capacity to adapt to and manage life challenges and move forward in lives that were violence free and self-sufficient.  At that time, family violence was rarely a topic of conversation. The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Inc. was created to provide a thoughtful alternative to meet the needs of all family members involved. 

Our agency has continued to grow in response to the diverse needs of individuals experiencing violence. We have worked to educate the community in an attempt to eliminate the damaging myths associated with family violence. We have worked with legislature to provide legal protection and funding for expansion of services. And we have worked with other professionals to further the importance of eliminating family violence in our county.

But, most importantly, we have brought hope and a new way of life to hundreds of families in Baltimore County, and we look forward to a bright future, when families no longer live in fear.  Since our founding in 1979, the Family Crisis Center has assisted over 40,000 individuals in the greater Baltimore region.

Our Approach

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County has been guided by principles derived from the Bowen family systems theory for over 35 years.

We believe that every person is deserving of a life free from violence with opportunities to be self-sufficient and contributing members of society.  In families, conflict is part of naturally occurring adaptive processes.  When conflict and violence become intense, severe or lasting a long time, individual safety is compromised, the family capacity is undermined and functioning is interrupted.   

Families can begin to move forward in their lives when the family is able to be safe, develop capacity and begin to work toward family goals.  Finding a way of reducing or eliminating the conflict/violence often takes considerable time and effort from one or more family members. It is only after the intensity of conflict/violence decreases that family members can begin to address other factors and forces in the family that have promoted and sustained the conflict/violence. 

At the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County we believe that each family has the ability to seek its own solutions and make a better adaptation to its current symptomatic state when provided with a less anxious environment.  Our job is to provide a thoughtful engagement with each family that promotes the families’ ability to develop capacity and move forward with more adaptive functioning.