Advocacy Services 

Advocacy is provided to residents at the shelter as well as those in the larger community. Advocacy includes support, safety planning, representation, empowerment, and protection of rights in responding to violence that has occurred and in interrupting further violence. A Family Crisis Center advocate will engage in assisting individuals in navigating the criminal justice and other complex systems. Advocacy includes providing information and connecting individuals to agency services and resources in the community. Advocacy may involve speaking up on behalf of individuals, family members, or agencies to address barriers to services, resources, or rights. Advocates engage with individuals and families to provide ongoing support, to be a resource, and to support building individual and family capacity to move towards violence-free relationships. Advocacy ensures that the person(s) being advocated for is actively listened to, is engaged in identifying needs and goals and in assessing options, is considered in decision-making and reviewing outcomes, and has access to services and support. Advocacy ensures that support and interventions build on the existing strengths, knowledge, and experience of the individual and/or family and values the voices of those involved. Services include:

  • Information and support 

  • Risk assessment and safety planning 

  • Outreach and follow-up 

  • Court accompaniment 

  • Follow-up to police response to domestic violence calls for service 

  • Ongoing support, setting goals, planning and advocacy-based case management 

  • Linkage to resources within the agency and the community 

  • Skills development group 

  • Outreach services to community partners 

  • Participation in community events 

If you would like more info about the Victim Advocacy Program, please call 410-285-4357.